All About 'Happy Gas'

Laughing Gas or ‘happy gas’ as it is aptly nicknamed, is a light sedative that offers a relaxing sensation during dental treatment.

Believe it or not, we cannot use the words "Nitrous oxide" in the first line of the blog post as Google Ads doesn't like seeing that term in the summary text, but that is the technical name for the gas.  

It is a quick and easy process that is perfect for patients who are a little nervous at the dentist. It’s becoming very popular at the Dental Lounge, and there are many people that find it helpful. 

The gas is inhaled through a nosepiece, and begins to take effect after five minutes. Just as quickly as happy gas works, it wears off once the nosepiece is removed, allowing you to drive home safely after your dental treatment.  

As you are awake throughout the procedure, we only recommend happy gas for adults and children with mild dental anxiety. Happy gas is not suitable for patients with severe anxiety, breathing difficulties, during pregnancy, or after recent eye surgery.

If you are interested to find out more please contact us and we can have a chat to see if happy gas might be something that will help you. 

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