Dental Tourism - Why It’s So Risky!

The Dental Lounge Robina - The Risks of Dental Tourism

If dental treatment offered at a fraction of the price inclusive of a luxury resort style holiday in an exotic location sounds like an offer that is too good to be true - then it probably is!  Dental Tourism may seem appealing, but what are the actual risks and costs associated to this type of vacation?

Although overseas dental locations claim to offer treatment in a safe, clean and hygienic setting, it is important to understand that in Australia we have strict standards for dental procedures and sterilisation of equipment that developing countries do not have.  The term “high quality” in a developing country could have a completely different definition compared to the materials and equipment used in Australia, which are among the world’s best.  Materials and techniques of an inferior quality can pose a health risk causing infection, lasting damage or treatment outcomes that don’t meet your expectations - resulting in disappointment and more expense.

You can be assured that our team of dental professionals at the Dental Lounge Robina have completed quality training and adhere to strict Australian standards to ensure that we provide the best dentistry treatments possible. Can you be sure that your overseas dentist is fully trained to the same standard?

Dental tourists tend to be seeking complex dental work such as bridges, crowns, dental implants and root canal treatment at a cheap price.  Such specialised treatments require time to complete successfully and attempting to squeeze the dental work into one short holiday is neither safe nor effective long term; especially when follow-up post-treatment dental care is compromised.

It is also important to note that standard travel insurance covers the cost of emergency overseas medical treatment, but excludes treatment which is cosmetic or elective.  It is highly unlikely your insurance company will cover the following claims:

  • The need to cancel or reschedule due to the dental procedure not going ahead as originally planned.  
  • The cost of remedial treatment due to the procedure not being successful.
  • Emergency post-procedure treatment; including if you need to stay longer than you had originally planned.

In addition, some people find that upon returning from a dental holiday they find themselves needing to seek out further treatment to rectify dental complications, which could have been avoided had they sought dental treatment at home in the first place.  Sadly, every year we see several disaster cases of dental work done overseas. Unfortunately, many of these require retreatment and some are beyond fixing. 

When it comes to dental tourism, it is important to be aware of these potential pitfalls and although it may appear to be a great deal at the time you need to consider the potential risks involved. 

Why not keep your holiday as a purely pleasant experience and allow our team of professionals at The Dental Lounge Robina to provide you with quality and safe dental care. Click here to view our range of services and contact us today (07) 5580 8855 to discuss how we can help you.

The Dental Lounge Robina - The Risks of Dental Tourism

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