Is it safe to go to a dentist during the coronavirus pandemic?

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The long and the short of it is that it depends on what your dental practice is doing to take extra steps to keep you and the staff safe.

At The Dental Lounge at Robina we are taking many extra precautions to ensure the safety of everyone and eliminate transmission of the virus.

Firstly and foremost, only fit and healthy patients are allowed to attend!  We are postponing any patients by several weeks if they have any symptoms whatsoever.  So keep this in mind, unlike a doctor’s office or a medical centre, our practice will only contain healthy people!

We will be pre-screening all patients to make sure they fit the criteria to be seen.

When you arrive for your appointment please remain in your car and call us or send us a text message on 0480 018 823 to let us know you have arrived. We will advise you when it’s your turn to come through. We don’t want any people waiting in the lounge area. 

Please don’t bring cash to your appointment; we are implementing a contactless payment system.

When you arrive you will be taken straight through to the treatment room. Please sanitise your hands on arrival. You will also be asked to rinse your mouth with an antiviral mouth rinse for at least 30 seconds before treatment commences.

All surfaces touched by patients are being sanitised after each patient, for example door handles, pens etc. 

Our usual high standards of infection control are continuing as usual, all areas after each patient are cleaned and new autoclaved equipment is used for each patient.  Dental practices have always maintained high levels of hygiene due to the nature of dental work.  Well are well practiced in preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

Please try not to bring anyone with you to your appointments. There is a limit of one extra person.  If possible please have them wait in the car. 

If you are a patient who has a higher risk of adverse outcomes, we will schedule your appointment for first thing in the morning. 

When you leave your appointment please sanitise you’re hands again. 

As you can see, we are following all the guidelines as set out by the Australian Dental Association and we really appreciate your cooperation at this time.

Naturally, this is a rapidly evolving situation we are also following the advice of the government. 

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