Straight Teeth = Better Health!

Straight Teeth Better Health!

Is there anyone that doesn't desire straight, beautiful teeth?

But there’s more to straight teeth than first meets the eye.  While being easy on the eye is nice, that’s just one benefit. There are other things you should know, things you probably never thought about before.

If you’re lucky to have well-aligned teeth, you might never have realised the problems crooked or crowed teeth can present. People with teeth like that will often find it difficult to effectively clean their teeth. The gaps in between the teeth can be especially troublesome to access either by flossing, or interdental brushes (little brushes that slide between teeth).  Plaque starts to build up in the areas difficult to clean, long term plaque build-up leads to excess bacteria growth which in turn causes irritation, decay, gum disease, and sometimes eventual tooth loss.

So straight teeth are easier to keep clean, will harbor less plaque and therefore bacteria. There’s even been some studies that have linked the bacteria found around crowded teeth with colon cancers and Alzheimer’s disease! People with straight teeth in general will have healthier teeth and gums and typically keep their natural teeth for longer.

What about abnormal tooth wear?  Crowded teeth often cause one or more teeth to stick out at an odd angle.  In order to effectively chew your food, you may move your jaw in strange ways, struggling to get crooked teeth to cut and chew food.  Teeth now rub together in ways they were never meant to and tooth enamel is worn off much quicker than normal.

Do you know that teeth that are misaligned can push and rub up against soft tissues in the mouth? If you routinely bite your cheek or lips due to a misaligned bite, it can result in cuts, sores, infections, and be a real source of annoyance.

Straight teeth not only look good, they also align and bite together better, avoiding soft parts of the mouth. Each tooth hits accurately and evenly, which means it has almost negligible impact and is less likely to cause tooth wear and cuts inside the mouth.

One of the benefits that cannot be stated enough, is improved confidence and self-esteem.

People that are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth often become embarrassed and hence, self-conscious of their smile. They will often smile with their lips sealed and cover their mouth while talking or laughing.

Straightening your teeth can have a massive impact on your self-esteem and confidence.

A confident smile conveys friendliness and happiness.  People feel more attractive due to the confidence that radiates through their smile.  We all understand that confidence also improves your emotional and mental health, having confidence is a great benefit going through life.

There is also mounting research to link inflammation in the mouth and the bacteria that causes it, to many common diseases.  Researchers are finding the same bacteria ends up in the bodies of people with hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, colon cancer and brain diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  Research is ongoing, but it is easy to imagine how bacteria gradually going via bleeding gums into the bloodstream is most likely not a good thing.

Being able to keep your teeth clean by removing plaque effectively helps to reduce bacterial growth and inflammation. The importance of this benefit is now far greater than we have ever known in the past.

For patients looking for a straighter smile, we offer a variety of orthodontic solutions individually designed to adapt to your specific needs and lifestyle. Check out our Fastbraces special and our video covering Invisalign and Myobrace as well (Myobrace help kids avoid the need for braces later in life).

Straight Teeth Better Health!