Don't worry, we don't take it personally.  Many people don't like going to the dentist, but that is not a good reason to not look after your teeth.  

For some people, the level of anxiety associated with visiting the dentist is a real problem.  However, we want to assure you, we have become expert in helping people overcome that fear.  We have many levels of sedation available.  The one for nervous people, they describe as being awake but dreaming.  You feel relaxed and feel no nervousness or anxiety, it really is quite marvelous (no we cannot offer it to you without a dental booking - most people ask that after their first go!)  

Behind the feelings of anxiousness is really a fear of pain.  Which is a reasonable fear to have.  However, there are many misconceptions around the idea that you will be feeling pain at the dentist. We wanted to set the record straight and discuss these fears in our video below.  If you like the video below, look around this site or our YouTube channel for videos covering many different topics.  

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