Wisdom teeth can often be the unseen cause of pain in the jaw, the gums and surrounding teeth.  Wisdom teeth can become stuck under the other molars, causing inflammation and infections in some instances.  While they can be painful when they start to cause problems, they can sometime be causing unseen long term damage with no pain present.  

You may be dreading the idea of having them out, putting it off.   Right at the back of the jaw, it has to be an uncomfortable procedure - right? Wrong!  First, a local anaesthetic will make it painless, and with a mild sedative many people find they are relaxed enough to go through the procedure with no anxiety. That can all happen at the practice and many people get their wisdom teeth out like that. 

Some people feel that they rather not be awake at all.  We aim to help sensitive patients most of all, if you feel that is you, we can move the procedure to Robina Hospital nearby.  In the hospital setting the process will be similar to undergoing day surgery, you will be put under a general anaesthetic (GA) and your wisdom teeth will be extracted.  After it is all done, you will gradually wake up from the anaesthetic.  As with all day surgery you will need to arrange for someone to help get you home and take care of you, you might be a bit groggy for a while.     

Whether you have the procedure at the practice or in the hospital, it will be the same team doing the procedure, the only difference will be the support the hospital offers for giving you a general anaesthetic.  (An assessment is made before going ahead, if there are special circumstances, the procedure may need to be moved to a hospital setting even if you are happy being awake).  

Please give a call or make an appointment for a consultation to learn more about our  treatment options.  Wisdom teeth problems don't really go away on their own.  The sooner you make the call - the sooner you can move on with your life.

Want to learn why Wisdom Teeth are a problem for modern humans?  Watch this video below where we explains what went wrong!

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