Is your child eligible for $1000 from the Children’s Dental Benefit Scheme?

The government is allowing $1000 of dental treatment over a two year period for eligible children through MEDICARE.

Call us on (07) 5580 8855 to find out if you are eligible or to make an appointment.

The whole team at The Dental Lounge is ready to help your child feel comfortable, bringing FUN! to kids dentistry.

Dr Kate is a mother of two small children, and Dr. Mah is the proud father of a baby boy.  All of our dentists are very gentle, and are experienced with all the typical forms of anxiety kids often feel when visiting the dentist.  They will be in safe hands.  

Still concerned that your child is not going to cope?  Our on-site anesthetist may be able to provide sedation for kids who are especially nervous about seeing the dentist. We also offer treatment under General Anaesthetic.