We understand that you really want to look after your teeth, but you have nightmares about going to the dentist.  We understand dental phobia and how bad it can be.  Or maybe you are just mildly anxious about getting dental work done. Don't worry, there are options available. 

One safe way around the problem is to have a general anaesthetic and be completely asleep while we work on your teeth.  If you have medical cover, this is can be a cost effective option for you.  With the help of the hospital, we conduct all the dental work at the hospital with the professionals there looking after the process of putting you under a general anaesthetic (GA), it is very similar to day surgery.  As with any day surgery it is more serious and you will need help afterwards getting home.  However, we can usually do more of your planned dental work in one go, which we can't always do when we do dental work at our practice. 

If that level of sedation seems unnecessary for you, please talk to us about other options, including many in-chair options which many patients find perfect for mild dental anxiety. 

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