There are times when even the excellent forms of sedation we can offer in the practice are not suitable. We understand that each person’s phobias and medical conditions are unique, after our initial consultation with you (and your medical physician if required) we may recommend that a general anaesthetic might be the most suitable way to complete the majority of your dental work.  We have made arrangements with the nearby hospital (a few minutes drive away) and we now have access to a theatre there where we are able to put you under a general anaesthetic with all the safety and precautions that are necessary for this type of procedure. 

With a general anaesthetic, you will be completely unconscious during your dental treatment, in the same way you would be for other types of surgery. You will wake up afterwards and you will have no memory of the dental work we did.

It is important to look after your teeth. Dental problems never go away on their own, they only get worse. At least with this option, you can get the dental care you or your loved ones need, in the most comfortable way possible.

If you would like to know more, give us a call and we can talk you through the steps involved and answer any of your questions. 

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