Nitrous Oxide which you may know better as "Happy Gas" or "Laughing Gas" is a surprising versatile compound and surprisingly still (considering how long ago it was discovered) a reliable option for many patients who feel like a trip to the dentist needs to be accompanied with a mild sedative. One with a reputation for putting you in a happy place. 

The benefits of Nitrous Oxide (apart from actually being a form of rocket fuel too) is that it takes affect quickly and then also leaves your system quickly once you stop breathing it.  This is good, since it means you will be okay to drive home after your procedure.  

The dentists at the Dental Lounge have been trained in it's use and while it is not the strongest sedative that we can offer, it is cheaper than the other options and very straight forward to administer.

If you have any questions about which form of sedation will be best for you, we will be happy to talk through the options with you when you make your appointment.   

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