Wisdom tooth removal typically becomes necessary when the molars at the back of the jaw fail to align properly and become impacted, such as when the wisdom teeth become stuck under the other molars.  As wisdom teeth start to cause problems the surrounding gum, jaw and the surrounding teeth will become irritated, sore and inflamed.  Left untreated, the problem area can become infected and will also become very painful.  

We are pleased to announce that The Dental Lounge at Robina now works with multiple practitioners who have had specialised training in Oral Surgery.  We can also perform full jaw x-rays, so there is no need to make multiple trips to various specialists. Because of our strong focus on providing our patients a wide range of expertise, our patients can now receive, under one roof, the kind of expert treatment that typically requires several trips to specialists. This streamlined approach saves time and money for everyone. This means that we are able to pass these savings on to our patients, while still achieving superior results. Only a select few practices in Australia are able offer the variety and extent of expertise available at the Dental Lounge at Robina. We are proud of the fact that, because of our ongoing commitment to patient care, we are a 1-stop-shop for wisdom tooth removal.

Typically, a dental practice will not be able to provide the high level of care required, and will offload the actual procedure to a local hospital.  The Dental Lounge is equipped to use twilight-sedation, meaning you can rest comfortably for the entire procedure and you won't have to worry about a hospital stay — neither the time nor the expense.

The cost of removing wisdom teeth is significantly reduced once you take the procedure out of the hospital setting.  In all other respects the procedure is the same.  As always, an assessment is made before going ahead. If there are special circumstances, the procedure may still be referred to a hospital.    

Give us a call or make an appointment for a consultation to learn more about our treatment options.  While wisdom teeth problems don't often go away on their own, we are pleased to be able to offer expert treatment at the best price for the shortest time commitment.  At the Dental Lounge @ Robina, we are proud to be on the leading edge of innovation. We believe in smarter dentistry. We believe in better results. 

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