How to prepare your child for their first dental visit?

The Dental Lounge - Childrens Dentistry

Preparation of your child is crucial for ensuring their first trip to the dentist is a positive experience.  

Here are a few of my top tips for parents to make that first (and every) visit is a relaxing one. 

Most importantly, even if you have a great fear of the dentist or you are the typical “I hate the dentist” type of patient , please don’t pass this to your child by using negative words. Don’t talk about your fear in front of your child, use positive words and phrases about visiting the dentist.  

The Dental Lounge - Childrens Dentistry

All About 'Happy Gas'

Laughing gas, or ‘happy gas’ as you know it by, is a light sedative that offers a relaxing sensation during dental...

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Take note if your child is a mouth breather!

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It may surprise you to learn that although babies and young children naturally breathe through their noses, more and more children are developing the bad habit of breathing through their mouths as they grow.  In many cases the problem can continue unnoticed until adulthood when it becomes more difficult to correct.

The Dental Lounge Robina - Children's Dentistry Myobrace

My trip to the dentist

A little movie about Zac's trip to The Dental Lounge @ Robina - "5 Star viewing for all ages!" 

You've found a gentle dentist

As an independent dentist, we can take more time with our patients.  We get to know you and offer a relaxed environment.