All About 'Happy Gas'

Nitrous oxide, or ‘happy gas’ as it is aptly nicknamed, is a light sedative that offers a relaxing sensation during dental treatment. It is a quick and easy process that is perfect for patients who are a little nervous at the dentist. It’s becoming very popular at the Dental Lounge, and there are many people that find it helpful. 

The gas is inhaled through a nosepiece, and begins to take effect after five minutes. Just as quickly as happy gas works, it wears off once the nosepiece is removed, allowing you to drive home safely after your dental treatment. 

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Take note if your child is a mouth breather!

The Dental Lounge Robina - Children's Dentistry Myobrace

It may surprise you to learn that although babies and young children naturally breathe through their noses, more and more children are developing the bad habit of breathing through their mouths as they grow.  In many cases the problem can continue unnoticed until adulthood when it becomes more difficult to correct.

The Dental Lounge Robina - Children's Dentistry Myobrace

My trip to the dentist

A little movie about Zac's trip to The Dental Lounge @ Robina - "5 Star viewing for all ages!" 

You've found a gentle dentist

As an independent dentist, we can take more time with our patients.  We get to know you and offer a relaxed environment.