Is it safe to go to a dentist during the coronavirus pandemic?

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The long and the short of it is that it depends on what your dental practice is doing to take extra steps to keep you and the staff safe.

At The Dental Lounge at Robina we are taking many extra precautions to ensure the safety of everyone and eliminate transmission of the virus.

Firstly and foremost, only fit and healthy patients are allowed to attend!  We are postponing any patients by several weeks if they have any symptoms whatsoever.  So keep this in mind, unlike a doctor’s office or a medical centre, our practice will only contain healthy people!

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What are the Benefits of Dental Flossing?

Are you one of those diligent people who brush their teeth twice daily, however only think to floss when you feel the discomfort of food caught between your teeth? Perhaps you have never considered the importance of flossing.

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How to maintain strong and healthy teeth throughout your life!

Oral Health Hygiene

Strong, healthy teeth cannot be taken for granted. A proactive approach to dental care is 
vital throughout our lives and as the old saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a 
pound of cure.” 

This is easily achieved by following a good dental routine, including a healthy diet and 
regular visits to the dentist. Here are some simple tips to help you look after your teeth and 

Tooth Brushing

Oral Health Hygiene

Save Your Teeth (You're Gonna Need Them)

The Human tooth is incredibly strong, but every day it has to fend off a waves of attackers. See what it takes to keep your teeth as strong and beautiful as possible.

Tooth Anatomy

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