Straight Teeth = Better Health!

Straight Teeth Better Health!

Is there anyone that doesn't desire straight, beautiful teeth?

But there’s more to straight teeth than first meets the eye.  While being easy on the eye is nice, that’s just one benefit. There are other things you should know, things you probably never thought about before.

Straight Teeth Better Health!

Dental Tourism - Why It’s So Risky!

The Dental Lounge Robina - The Risks of Dental Tourism

If dental treatment offered at a fraction of the price inclusive of a luxury resort style holiday in an exotic location sounds like an offer that is too good to be true - then it probably is!  Dental Tourism may seem appealing, but what are the actual risks and costs associated to this type of vacation?

The Dental Lounge Robina - The Risks of Dental Tourism

Take note if your child is a mouth breather!

The Dental Lounge Robina - Children's Dentistry Myobrace

It may surprise you to learn that although babies and young children naturally breathe through their noses, more and more children are developing the bad habit of breathing through their mouths as they grow.  In many cases the problem can continue unnoticed until adulthood when it becomes more difficult to correct.

The Dental Lounge Robina - Children's Dentistry Myobrace


The Myobrace® is a relatively new device for helping children improve the alignment of their jaw and tongue.  The idea behind the Myobrace is early intervention (from the age of about 5 or 6) to reduce or eliminate the issues that lead to misalignment of teeth later in life.  The process involves helping the child to develop jaw muscles, correct jaw and tongue position, improve breathing (through the nose and not the mouth) and even how to swallow correctly.


Fastbraces® offer the best combination of speed and cost of any teeth straightening system on the market.  

Crooked teeth

Unless you are very lucky, your teeth are probably not perfectly straight.


Invisalign is a nearly invisible alternative to braces. Clear, removable aligners are individually manufactured for your teeth.