Dental Anxiety, Fear, and Phobia

Is dental anxiety, dental fear, and dental phobia essentially the same thing? That's what I want to explain here in more detail, there are some slight differences. 

Anxiety involves apprehension about a situation, it is not usually about something that is happening, but about something due to happen in the future. For the majority of the population, a visit to the dentist does invoke some feelings of anxiety regarding your upcoming appointment. 

Happy Gas!

Happy gas or laughing gas has been around for a long time and still has it's place in dentistry today - click here to learn how?

The Humble Wisdom Tooth

Humility and wisdom usually come with age and maturity and so too do wisdom teeth. You can expect your first molars to appear from age six, your second molars around age twelve and then your third molars, commonly called ‘wisdom teeth,’ emerge anytime between the age of seventeen to twenty-five.

Wisdom Teeth Position in Jaw

General Anaesthetic

There are times when even the excellent forms of sedation we can offer in the practice are not suitable. We understand that each person’s phobias and medical conditions are unique, after our initial consultation with you (and your medical physician if required) we may recommend that a general anaesthetic might be the most suitable way to complete the majority of your dental work.

Wisdom Tooth Pain

Wisdom teeth can often be the unseen cause of pain in the jaw, the gums and surrounding teeth.  Wisdom teeth can become stuck under the other molars, causing inflammation and infections in some instances.  While they can be painful when they start to cause problems, they can sometime be causing unseen long term damage with no pain present.  

Tooth pain

Tooth pain? Don’t wait!! We see all too often people in pain. Today I will give you symptoms and some possible causes of tooth pain. In all cases it would be best to pop in and see our experienced team for us to take a look or possibly an x-ray as early detection can save you emotionally, physically and financially in the long run. The best time to treat dental problems is BEFORE they cause any pain. Both types of dental disease we commonly treat (cavities and gum disease) are PAINLESS in the early stages! That's why we stress the importance of regular preventative hygiene appointments. Sensitivity to hot or cold foods and liquids may indicate a dental problem that we can catch early. Such sensitivity may be due to gum recession, teeth grinding, a loose filling or an area of active decay.

Wisdom Teeth

We can handle all your wisdom teeth troubles. The X-rays done here, we have a great dentist and in-chair or hospital options.

Full Sedation

We have a great relationship with the local hospital, where our team are right at home and we will make sure you're comfortable too.  If you find the idea of being awake during dental work too frightening, this will be for you. 

Tooth pain

Tooth pain can take many different forms, but you don't have to put up with it.  Neither should you ignore it.  If it is really bad, we make time to see you ASAP.