Braces Special

The Dental Lounge @ Robina is now ready to provide Fastbraces.  What is Fastbraces?  Well, ask yourself, do you want the latest technology to help straighten your teeth?  The system uses a clever bit of design to help move and straighten teeth simultaneously, which can half the time to get those teeth in a lovely row.  Dr Kate Smith is one of only two providers on the Gold Coast who can offer this revolutionary technology. 

Ugly tooth fillings?

Do you have metallic fillings in your teeth? Would you like a healthier, more natural look?


Dr Kate has an excellent record when it comes to fitting bridges.  Getting the fit and the tooth colour just right.  Make sure you give us a call before making a decision.   

Discoloured teeth

Teeth get discoloured gradually just by living a normal life, why not get them restored to a healthy brighter white!  

Scale and polish

Plaque builds up on your teeth right from the moment you finish brushing them.  After a few hours, your saliva makes it go hard, "Scaling" is the process of removing it.

Smile makeover

You deserve to feel good about yourself, don't let your smile get in the way.  Yes it is true, Dr Kate can have a big impact on the look of your smile, it is not set in stone!  Talk to us to find out how? 

Whitening services

We offer 2 types of whitening: home whitening and in house Zoom whitening.  The latter will achieve results in a matter of minutes. (Don't worry it is safe!)

Crowns & Veneers

Crowns and veneers are often recommended when teeth are very badly damaged due to wear, decay or excessive grinding.  Let us assess if they are right for you.

Missing teeth

Dr Kate can get you the perfect replacement tooth.  She prides herself on the colour match that she can achieve.  Get back the smile you deserve!


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