The Dental Lounge Group Photo (May 2019)

About us

The Dental Lounge at Robina is an independently owned dental studio, run with professionalism and passion.  We are committed to providing an exceptional level of service; our loyal patients are provided with the most comfortable dental treatment possible. We are a fully equipped dental practice with all new, state-of-the-art facilities.  Dr Kate Smith has 15 years of experience and now with her own practice, she is ready to assist her patients to take control of their own dental health by offering a wide variety of dental services.  We believe that the vast majority of dental problems are preventable, and we enjoy helping our patients achieve a new level of oral health. We genuinely look forward to meeting you!

We believe

All people have intrinsic value and worth and therefore we treat everyone with utmost care, empathy and genuine concern.

Making a difference in the world starts with the small things.  

The human smile is immensely powerful.

​​Everyone should be able to smile with confidence.

Dr Kate Smith

Dr Kate Smith is the principal dentist at the Dental Lounge.  She owns and operates the practice, and is deeply committed to the welfare of her patients.  As an independent practice, Kate and her team take great pride in providing personalised care to their patients, which results in optimum preventative and treatment outcomes.

Dr Smith graduated from the University of Queensland in 2000 with honours, and has since practiced in private practices in Queensland and NSW. She also spent a period of time in South East Asia performing much needed volunteer dental work in remote villages.

Her future as a dentist was set when at the young age of 8, her front tooth was "magically" fixed by a dentist after it had a run in with a glass bottle.  She has been fascinated with aesthetic dentistry ever since. 

Dr Smith frequently attends continuing education courses, and has done continued advanced training through the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. When Dr Smith is not at the Dental Lounge, she loves to be with her young family.  She also has a passion for showing horses which has followed her since she was a young girl.

Dr Katelyn Eggins

Dr Katelyn Eggins has been a Robina local for over 25 years, she is passionate about providing caring dentistry within the Gold Coast community. She practices all areas of general and cosmetic dentistry, taking particular pride in restoring teeth with a high level of aesthetics and natural anatomy.

Her gentle manner makes her well suited to treating children, nervous patients, and persons with special needs. Outside of work, Katelyn enjoys cooking and travelling.     

Whether you feel you have teeth in bad need of some professional TLC, or a set of teeth which are nearly perfect (with a little help).  You can request Dr Katelyn for your next visit.  Either give us a call or use the online request form.  Either way, she'll be looking forward to meeting you. (Did we mention - she is very friendly!)  

The Team